SSK Fast Discharge Compensator .375 Caliber

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The SSK Fast Discharge Compensator line effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb.  The compensator is designed for hunting rifles/pistols with an unobtrusive diameter at 0.865” and a short overall length of just 2.20”.  The construction is hardened 416ss with a black nitride finish.  Crush washer included.

SSK FDC-1           .224 caliber, ½-28 thread

SSK FDC-2           .308 caliber, 5/8-24 thread

SSK FDC-3           .375 caliber, 11/16-24 thread

SSK FDC-4           .358 caliber, 5/8-24 thread

SSK FDC-5           6.5mm caliber, 5/8-24 thread