Muzzleloader Range Rod Complete

  • 1 / Box
  • $72.99

  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum: Knurled Radius Handle for Maximum Hand Pressure
  • Stainless Steel Rod: Ground and Polished
  • Orange Anodized Handle: Visual Safety Indicator
  • Handle designed with 2 sets of bearings: Thrust bearings are used to allow the rod to freely rotate in the barrel rifling.  Hardened steel ball bearings are used to support the rod in the handle for easy rod extraction from the barrel during cleaning.
  • Crown Protector / Bore Guide: Protection of the Crown during the down stroke while improving the straightness of the rod for cleaning and loading
  • Charge Height Indicator: Improves repeat-ability for seating the bullet to the powder charge reducing velocity variation and ensuring safety.

Note - Includes:  Rod, Charge Height Indicator, and Crown Protector


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