Breech Plug Body, Bare Primer, CVA 2010 and Newer Accura, Optima, and Wolf Breech Plug

  • 1 / Box
  • $26.00

This enhanced replacement QRBP is for 209 primer ignition Wolf, Optima,and Accura V2 rifles.  The breech plug body is made from 416ss and is designed for Blackhorn 209® loose powder.  The plug uses our proprietary replaceable vent liner (one installed) for extremely reliable ignition and long life.

 Additional vent liners are available in packs of four. 

This QRBP will NOT work in the CVA Apex Muzzleloader or any other muzzleloader that was not originally set up for QRBP.

The BP-BP-C1 is not compatible with pellet form powder.