Complete Firearms

SSK produces complete muzzleloaders, handguns, and rifles on the Lynx, Mongrel, and Encore platforms.

We have a strong belief that a light, accurate single-shot is the optimum hunting platform for anything but predator/hog hunting (AR’s rule!) and extreme long range hunting which, at best, has serious ethical concerns in our opinion. You really do not need to carry a rifle exceeding 8 pounds and holding four plus cartridges for other hunting opportunities. Why carry the weight, why have the ammunition capacity? If we are not confident in placing the first shot on game, we should not take it.

We are Wildcatting Central. SSK has chambered over 200 different cartridges on the SSK-50, from the diminutive 22 rimfire to the powerful 45-70 Government. The Whisper line from 6mm to 416 is extremely popular as is the JDJ line up 444 Marlin and the venerable 375 JDJ. The same cartridges are also available in the big brother, the Encore, but here the strength is there to go all the way to the 500 Nitro Express!

We have a goal of Making Wildcatting Mainstream™ and are offering loaded ammunition, dies, projectiles (see for the complete Lehigh Defense line), and formed brass. There are significant performance benefits in wildcats not possible with the parent round. We are taking the prep work out of the process for customers that want the increased capability but do not have the time for custom loading their own ammunition.

SSK Mongrel

The SSK Mongrel is the accumulation of many ideas into what a muzzleloader could be. We started with a clean sheet of paper and redesigned the muzzleloader from the ground up focusing on user safety and an optimized deign for plinking and hunting.

The release date for this innovative technology will be early 2020.


The original Thompson Center is light, thin, and the most versatile firearm ever made. Warren Center designed a masterpiece and Ken Thompson provided the manufacturing expertise to bring that masterpiece to market.

Over fifty years and 580,000 guns later, we have updated this work with modern manufacturing materials and processes making the gun stronger and more precise. The SSK-50 is a continuation of the original design with complete cross compatibility with the Contender® in barrels and components.

Once you try one, you will never want to carry anything else.

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